Flip On/Off Alarm Clock

Flip On/Off Alarm Clock


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Flip On/off Alarm Clock


  • It is a compact modern looking alarm clock with big digits which is easily read even from across the room.Simply flip the clock to the ON side to turn the alarm on;flip it to the OFF side to turn the alarm off.Easy peasy!The Alarm sound for 2 minutes and snooze every 5 minutes from low to high frequency.Turn the sensor on,the clock will be automatically lightened up in dark so the digits are easy to read but its not bright to affect your sleep.Turn the sensor off if you dont want the light.It is a perfect travel companion with you on the journey.Also for home,office as you like.
  • Easy to set time and alarm
  • Press and hold SET button 3 seconds to make hour/min digits flash,then press HR+/HR- & MIN+/MIN- to set hour and minute you need.Afterwards,press SET button again to set 12/24 format. Finally press SET button to finish the time settings.
  • The alarm function is activated when the clock is flipped to the ON side.There will be a clock icon at the lower right corner on screen to indicate the alarm is on; Directly press HR+/HR- & MIN+/MIN-buttons to set the alarm.
  • Tips:During the process of time or alarm setting,press and hold HR+/HR- & MIN+/MIN- buttons to increase/decrease numbers quickly.
  • Clock Features

-Flip alarm on/off

-Modern design,lightweight

-Compact size,big digits

-Loud alarm,repeating snooze

-Snooze/backlight touch pad

-12/24hr Switch

-Sensor soft light in dark

-Low power consumption


-Require 2pcs AAA batteries(not included)

  • Package include

1 x Alarm clock

1 x Instruction manual